It’s not easy these days to find a domain name that fits your business. This is part 2 of finding a name for your business and I debated if it should be part one because having a website is necessary for any business.

Here are some tips we can offer:

  • Don’t use anything other than a .com unless you are a nonprofit organization, then .org is appropriate. Despite more new extensions on the market .com is what most people will type in when trying to go to your site and gets better search results.
  • It’s important to know that having keywords related to your business can help with your website ranking well. It’s only one factor so don’t choose a name dependent on this, but if it’s appropriate to put a keyword in your domain name it will help.
  • Don’t buy a domain without checking into it’s past. The history of a domain name can affect it’s value. Typically the longer the history the better BUT you also want to be sure the domain hasn’t been blacklisted. If it has, you won’t be able to send email campaigns with it. Try MX ToolBox for help checking on if your potential domain has been blacklisted.
  • Don’t forget to check on the trademark availability. As mentioned in the last post, if you infringe on someone else’s trademark it can ruin your business.   Go to to check for availability of domain and trademark all at once.

Here are some resources that can help you find a great domain name:

NameStation – You can crowd source help for finding a domain name using this site. For about $45 you can hold a contest specifying what your business is, listing keywords you like and get tons of name ideas in only a few days.

SquadHelp – Squadhelp is also a way to crowd source help with naming.   The cost is more than NameStation but there are more helpers on this site and I think better quality. I’ve used both Squadhelp and Name Station to help generate ideas.

Shopify’s Business Name Generator – This can help with brainstorming. It will generate names for you based on a keyword you plug in.

NameMesh – Put in several keywords and this site can generate names for you. It even categorizes them

Panabee – This site can help you come up with different variations of a word.

JustDropped – This site can help you find domain names that are recently available and has filters to help you with your search. It doesn’t allow you to filter out by price, and I wish it would but it does allow you to search using certain words, limit the number of characters, the type of extension and more.

Once you have registered your domain name, be sure that you have it set to auto renew. If you happen to loose your domain name it could be costly to your business. You could potentially loose access to your email and your customers won’t be able to contact you. Or someone else could charge you an astronomical amount to get your domain name back.

What are your suggestions for choosing a domain name?