Our Methodology

Our process can depend on the type of project we are working on.  We are believers in customizing to your specific business needs but our methods typically follow a similar approach.  We understand best practices, value collaboration amongst our team as well as yours, and initiate momentum.

1. Evaluate

We begin by learning about your business, determining goals, researching and analyzing.

2. Develop

This is where the action begins.  We take what we’ve learned and create a strategy that is detailed enough you can execute the plan with or without us. We will provide recommendations, tactics and steps to follow through various marketing channels.

3. Implement

We execute the strategy though ongoing marketing efforts that best fit your business weather that is via email marketing social media, advertising, or other methods.

4. Expand

We market & promote. Gather any new insights from the ongoing results.  We consistently report & re-evaluate to keep the strategy current.