Email Marketing

Email marketing can convert and build relationships with customers in a way that is effective and direct to bring the results your business needs. Having the right target audience on your list is a key in that conversion, which is why it’s important to follow opt-in best practices.

Email is still the most popular form of online activity as 94% of people read their email while, 83% use a search engine and only 61% use social media, according to this infographic on e-commerce blog . The truth is, email marketing can help grow your social media and social media can help grow your email list as well.  Likewise, search engine optimization and online advertising can help build your email list by driving traffic to your site or landing page. Digital marketing works best when multiple channels are used to work together.

With email marketing we have the capability to segment contacts by age groups, demographics, language, purchasing habits, their interaction with campaigns and more so that the copy can better target your audience.  Email marketing also enables reporting on open rates, click through rates and even has tracking detailed enough to show exactly how many purchases came from each link so that we can send you a report on how successful the campaign was.  The fact that your message lands right in the customer’s inbox combined with targeted copy down to the ability to use the customer’s name makes email marketing a more personal way to interact than any other digital medium.  When email newsletters are used to provide value to your customer such as providing them with tips, information on how to take care of the product(s), or news in addition to sales it will help form a relationship for return customers.

The email service provider (ESP) that we currently use is Mail Chimp, but if you have your own service you prefer we can be flexible.  Mail Chimp includes the ability to send from a very tiny start-up list or list sizes exceeding 110,000.  To name a few benefits; Mail Chimp has a spam checker, provides the functionality to set up automated emails and send emails that are responsive so it looks great on mobile.

Let Shine Web Media grow your list and increase your sales with email campaigns.  While direct mail has the expense of printing and postage, email marketing doesn’t.  Pricing will be by the send and according to your list size.  Fees for design work and content writing will be included if needed for the campaign.  You have the option to try it with just one campaign and of course you will receive a report that will show you exactly how effective your campaign was.