SEO - Search Engine Optimization

When someone searches in Google or Bing for terms or phrases that have to do with your industry, service, or product, they are already looking for it.  I believe search engine marketing (SEO and search PPC ads) is such an effective form of advertising because it helps your business to be found by potential clients or customers who are already looking for it. Instead of merely suggesting that they should be interested in your business (like a billboard, direct mail or banner ad), they already are!

If you want to know if your website needs SEO, Shine Web Media can do a site analysis for you at no cost.  To get the project started, the first step will be keyword research for the terms and phrases that will bring the most relevant traffic to your site with the most volume.  Before starting the real work a report will need to be done in order to show what benchmarks to set as a starting place so that you will be able to see progress and improvements with your site.  From there the work will involve a process with tactics that involve site architecture, setting up webmaster tools to link building.  Shine Web Media follows the Google Webmaster Guidelines and is careful to be sure your site does not get banned.

Custom reports will show progress in SEO and where to improve.  Because the search engines can change algorithms or the way they rank at any time, continuous, reporting is essential to make sure that your site ranks well.

Video and YouTube Optimization:
Don’t forget, You Tube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.  With a sea of content to compete with your videos; they won’t be found without being tagged properly.  If you want more views for your videos, they need to be optimized for search in order to be found and receive more traffic.  Unlike with website optimization this has to be done before the video is posted.  If you want any videos you currently have on YouTube to be optimized they need to be re-uploaded with researched tags, titles and captioning.  Transcribing and uploading closed-caption files for all of your videos can also help with optimization.

If you are looking for SEO services based in Nashville, TN, either for your site or your videos you are in the right place. Submit your site or video project for a proposal.  Pricing for will vary depending on the size of the project.

If you want to learn more about SEO, come to the Nashville SEO and Internet Marketing meetup.  It’s the last Thursday of every month at Belmont University.