Online Advertising

Unlike other types of advertising that suggests a product or service to those passing by, search engine ads help connect you with potential customers who are already looking for what you have to offer.  The other great aspect of paid search advertising is that it can be set so that you only pay when someone clicks on the ads.

I have been managing Google AdWords and Bing ads since 2008.  I first developed this skill set when I was working with an ecommerce store and because the site was not coming up well in the search engines, it resulted in a major increase in exposure.  Because this site had no exposure before and because it was in a niche market without a high level of advertising competition, I was able to increase sales by 6 times in 5 months through Google and Bing ads.
While Google is the dominant search engine, Bing and Yahoo should not be ignored.  The advantage of using Bing ads is that they typically have a lower cost per click than Google AdWords so in some cases this can bring more value for your budget.

Pricing is a standard percentage of the advertising budget, or a minimum of $1000 a month in marketing service fees for Google and Bing Advertising.  Contact us for more info.

Social Media Ads
Pay per click advertising with social media sites will allow even small businesses to target their desired markets.  In addition to promoting your business, it will grow your followers to help with organic social media at the same time.  With most social media advertising the audience can be targeted demographically by age, location, gender, interests and more.  In fact once Facebook became an IPO; it changed its news feed algorithm to encourage “pages” to do advertising.  PPC ads can be the best way to grow your social media reach.  Some types of ads will perform better than others and certain tactics are more beneficial than others.  By letting someone who is current in online advertising run the project, you will get the most value out of the ads.

Banner Advertising
For well-rounded marketing, having multiple advertising channels is the way to go.  Banner ads can provide that extra reach to target audiences that you are looking for.  Buying online banner ads requires research of which sites to advertise and knowing the appropriate terminology to communicate and negotiate best with the sales representatives.  Let me know your advertising budget and what specific market you want to target.  Even with a small budget, banner ads can be run with the Google or Bing display networks.  I will find the best sites for targeting your desired audience and find the best deals out of those options for you.  Your advertising will have tracking added to it so that the site analytics will show the measurable results.