Do you have an idea for a tech business or the next big social media network site?  Naming a new business is not easy and especially in the world of technology and social media.  SceneNet could be an excellent name or brand for the next social media photo sharing site or video sharing site.   Weather it is for a competitor to YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Netflix, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, the name just fits when you think about social media.  Imagine if your start-up business could be next big social media network.

What else does SceneNet sound like?  Perhaps you want to be a professional blogger and write or post photos about all the things you “scene” or the “scene” in your city.  Are you a media or film company that wants to share scenes from the show?  Maybe it could also be a name for a technology blog, a web development firm, or an IT company.  There are lots of possibilities.

This is a premium domain and is for sale.  It was first registered in 2003 according to Way Back Machine.   An older domain will have more authority with search engines and a .com has more authority than other TLDs.  This means that you can get traffic to your new technology site for the net or your new social media network just by having a premium domain that already has authority.  Want to be sure it’s good name?  You can check to search for trademark and social media availability.


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